Beanstalk Kids…new & used clothing and trinkets. For the kids. Not the Beanstalk.

You are here. That means you either walked by 1608 Danforth Ave and saw our vague sign with the url or saw an interesting Facebook group posting that peeked your interest and drove you here.

I’m Jody. I’m opening a kids shop that will be part kids consignment and part kids new clothing and part trinkets that you don’t want to buy your kids but you buy for everyone else’s kids.

My kids and my friends kids are growing like Beanstalks and I decided to do something about it.

Spending the last 6 years walking around The Danny  with my trusty Uppababy stroller and 2 children in tow I realized a few things:

  • There are a lot of KIDS around here with stylish parents
  • My kids grow fast
  • I like shopping for kids CLOTHING and fun stuff (ie: TOYS, trinkets and crafts)
  • Going to the mall or dollar store to shop for CLOTHING, trinkets, crafts and TOYS just wasn’t cutting it
  • Not just my kids grow fast
  • Working in my neighborhood and being part of this community seemed like a really good idea
  • There are so many affordable kids clothing lines and accessories available but accessible in our end of town.
  • Growing kids means clothing that is too small and we have no room to store it in our 100 year old no closet east end homes. So I am going to take it off your hands.
  • Supplying other parents in the ‘hood with a shopping experience that was neither high end or low end Value Village style (not that anything is wrong with VV. I’m a SuperSaver member) seemed like a good idea.  I’m going to take that idea and run with it!

So watch this space for me to unveil more about The Beanstalk Kids shop opening soon! Which is hopefully mid May.


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